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"Wow guys it's been so long now ! I mean. Eight months since my last Journal Entry. I feel a bit dumb now, cause I really wanna post something now. I hope you're not mad at me.." 
Thanks to this amazing person : :iconmissalys10: , I am a Premium Membership, here on Deviantart ! I don't know what to say cause I don't even know you and it's a wonderful gift you give me here. ♥ 

  • Japan Expo just ended and I feel tired about it. Only three days (thanks to EXAMS, School is too awesome, right?) ~ now, I gotta see a lot of wonderful photographers for shootings. Summer is a good time to meet people and enjoy everything all togheter. 
I've met an extraordinary cosplayer who is a really cute german girl :icondoctormarik: <- Check her gallery, her Xanxus is to die for. 
:iconaccado: and I planned to go to the Connichi to see her again and enjoy a german con for the first time ! It will be my first trip to Germany too. The location of this con is in Hesse, will you be there? 

  • ~ The Wonderneepoos are evoluting pretty good. New videos will be posted soon, and I shall say your support is always surprising and good ! 
July is a busy month : 
- Three photoshootings with my dear Sorenran :iconsorenran:, CÚci Swamped. Both of the three shootings are Hetalia ones... 
- Accado and I are leaving together for holidays, two weeks. (I mean, I think so.) We'll enjoy those days a lot, but we won't forget cosplay, be sure.

  • And, what about new cosplay projects? 

  • Here they are, my future cosplay projects : 
~ Link from The Legend of Zelda with :iconalyhajime: as Zelda. 
Feel free to check :iconwanderkitsun3:'s gallery : her Link is stunning, and :iconkipizette: who's a Lady as Zelda too. :heart:
~ Eriol, Little Clow from Sakura Card Captor 
I've always wanted to cosplay as Eriol. He's one of my love characters ever. 
~ Kuja from Final Fantasy IX. 
~ Vladimir from League of Legends, this skin : riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.c…

Of course, we have new plans for the Wonderneepoos. 
We'll try somethin else, but we'll keep on making Hetalia videos, we'll try another manga/anime. Guess now ! 

See you again really soon ! 
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  • Reading: Harry Potter, again and again !
  • Watching: Hetalia, as always.
  • Playing: Violin..Just kidding.
  • Eating: Ice creams...Or..Scones...
  • Drinking: Tea, as always.
Guys and girls , hello ! ~ What's up?

It's been a long time now. Even before Japan Touch 2012. Super happy fun time with :iconaccado: down to Lyon, that was some kind of trip, freakin travelers that was awesome between handome guys like us.


░ As Usaki and Shouta the very first day -
░ As Itachi and Alucard on sunday -


'I'd say I really want to do another Japan Touch, maybe the next year. That wasn't AMAZING AS HELL. But it was incredible to see :iconkawaii-cchan: again ! :heart: I love her so much and can't wait to see her one more time ( and a few times more yeah) Backstage time was great but we didn't win. Well the winners didn't deserve it. (Really !)'

And about cosplay ? ~

Cosplay time is goin up ! I'm on Hetalia costumes, America War and Pink Police for Igirisu ! Of course I'm on my R.P.D outfit. Sounds really busy right?.. Well let's be brave now and sew everyday until I fall asleep.

Anything else to say? ~

Gabba gabba? Gabba chair?


:heart: C ya guys, and take care ! Enjoy your life -or your death-.
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  • Drinking: Coke. Fuck. Yeah !
Hey ! What's up?

Paris manga is over now and I'm editing my new Journal Entry.

I'd thank :iconaccado: for everything : that was good - we were an amazing duo both days.
Then - thanks, mom :iconsanw0lfy: for being a great photographer and for your help (cars...what a wonderful creation isn't it?)
And thank you all girls and guys, I love you so much, all of you ! :iconjio-saso: :iconbubuth:, :iconscarxd:, :iconkipizette:, :iconmatsuki6918:, :iconblack--deamon: : !


First day : Our red mafia pairing was a success : I loved being a whore (yeah?) with those huge guns that was really funny. In fact it's the first time I'm makin an alternative costume for Grell. I'm satisfied. I hope you like it : I posted two pictures with :iconaccado: as Sebastian Michaelis.


Second day : Oh here we are (Wesker!) that was ...Wow, :iconaccado: is the best Mikoshiba Shouta ever SERIOUSLY and our scene was epic but we didn't win anything. But we're happy for the winners ! :heart: We love them : thank you for being great guys.
Sometimes we shall end up naked to win something I think.


Dolls -Naked Ape- is a creative and stunning manga. The story is incredible - now I'd say it's one of my fav.
I've been honored being Usaki Todou - Shouta no fukutaicho. A little bunny ready to fight ! I want to cosplay Usaki for ever now I feel we're The Dolls.

Now I'm thinkin about the other con, Japan Touch, november. I am workin on a secret outfit for Itachi with my little brother, the cute :iconkawaii-cchan: but I'm still not sure about going there...

The first october I will start my Leon RPD outfit , slowly to make it perfect for february 2013.

What about you? - Thaaaank you for reading, C ya !
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  • Watching: South Park : some things never change
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" Hey there ! What's up? Hope everything's okay and you had awesome holidays !
Thailand was amazing - as usual- so beautiful such a peaceful land. Feel like a thai now !
I've been in London for five days : wonderful moments with :iconkipizette: - I will always remember those days. "


And about cons?

" Paris Manga is coming at the end of the week. (I wrote WIG first, feel a bit obsessed alright)
Two new stuffs ! "

SATHURDAY - Grell Sutcliff with :iconaccado: as Sebastian Michaelis

" Special outfit : :iconaccado: is to me one of the greatest cosplayers ever. First, he's the only one Alucard ! Then - I would say he always improves himself while being the character. Check his gallery please : :heart:. It's been a long time we didn't cosplay together (at least...One year, somethin like that) I missed him a lot as a special partner.
I would say my new Grell outfit is quite different from the original. But let me keep it until the con and I'll show you the pictures !"

SUNDAY - Guess what?

"I think somebody would kill me if I'd say what I'm about to cosplay this day. A few people know and it's enough ! I also have a stage time - extraordinary scene is planned. Focus."


What else?

" I think I will start my Leon S.Kennedy costume really soon but I have to go back to school too (nine months : my last holidays , problem? :lol:) and I can't fail ! Now I do what I want I can't let it go. Let's slow projects now...
Oh and my Peter White alternative costume is finished. I have to wear him now but.. When?

C ya guys ! Just after the con I'll write another Journal Entry I promess. Love ya and take care ! "
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  • Watching: South Park : some things never change
  • Playing: Resident Evil?... Fuckyea
  • Eating: Donuts from London !
  • Drinking: Beer?
« Guys, girls !

What's up? Hope you enjoy this rainny summer -for those who live near Paris, derp-
This is my last journal entry before leaving France for Thailand (about three weeks)
I'll enjoy some photoshoots in Asia which is a perfect place for Naruto and Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan.

If everything's okay I shall go to a thai convention as Peter White from Heart no Kuni no Alice - an original outfit with my mother :heart:.


I'm glad to post this new journal entry, a few days after Japan Expo, the greatest french anime/cosplay con. As usual, this special con had its bad and great sides. It was really funny to share this experience with :iconalyhajime: who is a really sweet person I could discover her as a wonderful partner despite crowded halls and discomfort times.

FIRST DAY - Zack Fair (pairing with :iconalyhajime: as Aerith)

Well I've always been a bit unsatsified about this cosplay. Firstable, because my costume was not perfect, and because of my arms. I'm way too thin to wear that kind of costume which makes me feel too girly. Just as I thought, I heard some "Chibi Zack" "Midget Zack" ... But, I can say, now that Zack is not a self-deception anymore. I can say I feel good as Zack cause I improved the make-up so much and the wig. I still have some things to say of course. My pairing with Aly as Aerith was really funny cause we were like kids with our little flower wagon I mean that was too epic and our flowers too ... Dead. I'll post the pictures when I'll receive them !

SECOND DAY - Claude Faustus (pairing with :iconalyhajime: as Alois)

It is always a pleasure to turn into this wonderful and evil character, Claude Faustus. I think I'm a bit in love with him and I want to cosplay him over and over. I want to sew others Claude's outfits, and improve it even more to be the best Trancy butler. I think my Alois can't be a better Alois - we are a perfect pairing and everything sounds so obvious about tango dances ! Well, I'm really glad about this day, the pictures are coming too -very soon-.

THIRD DAY - Sephiroth (group with :iconkipizette:, :iconwanderkitsun3:, :iconiiuna:, :iconalyhajime:)

Oh my... That was a really special day to me. It was my very first time as Sephiroth who is my very fav character ever. He is like a God to me, my number one inspiration ! I've worked so hard to be the best one. My partners were perfect, they were BEASTS ! :iconwanderkitsun3: with her wonderful wing impressed me so much as Genesis : she's a freakin talented person with a great and warm heart, :iconkipizette: pushed herself so hard to make a wonderful Cloud and she's a living pure epicness. I love her - and I'm really proud to be his one winged angel -btw she's afraid of birds-. :iconiiuna: was stunning as Aerith. As expected, she honored Square Enix one more time ! Oh and :iconalyhajime: was Yuffie in real life... Our little group was supposed to be bigger and pressure made the day a bit hard to stand but it is simply victory. A great moment in my life : I feel Sephiroth is a success just as Grell Sutcliff. I've waited for this for a long time.

FORTH DAY - Itachi Uchiha / Madara (pairing with :iconkipizette:)

... A curse on me took my eyes off. Last year, I had an eye infection because of my lenses. This time it was quite similar. Not a hard one, but it was disturbing I could not see. We were supposed to be the Team Rocket this day. I felt so bad for my girl because I've promised her to rule the world as Jessie and James. Sometimes things are not as we planned... Well we came as Itachi and Naruto (then Naruko and, Gosh I don't deserve her she's way too sexy for me). I could meet wonderful cosplayers, :iconxshinjix: with her girlfriend, :icontinyasuo-cosplay:. I hope they had a freakin good time in France with :iconwanderkitsun3:, :iconsorenran: and :iconlobalemu:. Coralie and Roxane are, to me the most perfect Ciel and Sebastian ever. They were so beautiful : just check their D.A please and DIE OF EPICNESS !
I could take a few pics with :iconblack--deamon: and :iconbubuth: as Itachi and Madara. I'll post them as soon as possible.
I enjoyed being with my girlfriend this day because she wasn't there thursday and friday...

WELL = Japan Expo was as always a crowded con, with cool and bad persons : I loved being with my friends, I love you so much and miss you yes. All of you...

When I'll come back from Thailand, I'll work on my Usaki Todou's costume with :iconaccado:. I can't wait this. He will be my captain, and I'll follow him everywhere... Enjoy those holidays !

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  • Reading: Dolls
  • Playing: With thai food. Fuck fuck need hamburgers !
  • Eating: Orange things just like the little fox
  • Drinking: You. Everynight.
~ Oya boys and girls !


This is my new journal entry it's been a long time. Since Japan Party in fact !
It was a quite good con, good times and good people, yeah yeah... Now let's
say hello to May and think about Epitanime, at the end of the month. But, I have to say something first!

Did you see my new pics? :iconsorenran: and I organised a photoshoot with :iconkipizette: ,
my lovely girl, as Hirako Shinji/ Hiyori Sarugaki and Sasuke/Naruto in Paris. It was a wonderful place
and we really enjoyed the moment. Now a piece of memory in my head... Love both of you (in a quite
different way right?)

Epita is the coolest french con, organised by real fans... I mean. It was. Some
recent troubles made me think twice about the greatness of this.

For this con, I have a new cosplay ! Shhhh.
I've finished the outfit, a few things and it'll be complete. And, Grell Sutcliff is
a special guest for tis too.
SCENE time with another special show with :iconkipizette: :iconwanderkitsun3:, :iconlobalemu:.
Elizabeth, Undertaker and Ciel in da place ! Sounds epic ! We'll have to prepare this very soon :)


I'm always on my Sephi outfit... Armor is like OMG but it's good. I'll try to finish it for this week.
I'll think about my Hetalia-Japan stuff too for a duo with Simply, Japan Expo !
And, about Leon, I'll start it this week :).

Eheh enjoy life and stay yourself ! Love you guys !
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Hey girls ! Guys !

How are you today?

I really feel like a SUPER HERO HELL YEAH



BACK TO THE REALITY OOPS - 24th March 2012 - JAPAN PARTY 2 - Nanterre <<<

° Firstable I was pretty scared about the con. It was a small con, yes but it was cool too.
A few places you could buy some little stuffs. Well, I could buy a few gifts for my mom and
my girlfriend. They were not here, it was a bit empty in my heart.

° :iconalyhajime: was here
I came to her home and we spent good times together. STRESS, YES YOUR HIGHNESS, but
we were really glad to honor the two characters we love, Alois Trancy and his butler, Claude Faustus.
I really love Claude despite the fact that I only know a few people who love him. I wanted to
cosplay Claude a year ago and ..FINALLY.
:iconclaudefaustusplz: & :iconaloistrancyplz: IN DA PLACE.

° SHOW time : LET'S WATCH :iconblack--deamon:'s vid of our Assassin's tango :…
So what do you think about this?

It was intense and we were possessed by our characters. Such a wonderful dance...
We won the 2d price and fangirls'screams were so :iconfuckyeaplz: GO GIRLS GO

° Our dearest enemies, :iconwanderkitsun3: and :iconlobalemu: came as Sebastian Michaelis and
the little earl, Ciel Phantomhive. An epic surprise... Damn they came on the scene too. My master and
I were a bit like WTF? Why did they say this NOW? Too much pressure damn ! In fact that was amusing
really and backstage moments were peacefull with our friends, I mean. ENEMIES. As I said it, Sebby made
my tailcoat and I think she deserves 50% of my epicness as Claude :iconlooolplz: :iconsorenran: was here
our fav photographer she's an artist let's check her gallery !  

° We saw our friends, :iconaccado:, her girlfriend and Ophélie. They were really beautiful hell yeah.
There was Vincent Sehu too -who is a MAD GUY I luv him btw-. Thank you Brendan for this con, it was pretty
cool I'll come back next year.



° I'm on Leon Kennedy RPD's outfit. It's a bit complicated but it's gonna be okay I think...
I'll start James for april's holidays with my girlfriend :iconkipizette:. Derp derp derp !

It's a heavy journal entry I think it's time to finish it !

Let's end it with a question :
Would you like to see me as Kanako Saeki -The ghost of the girl in the Grudge-?
Seriously I wanna be Kanako...

Love you guys, CUNT for the win.
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~ Ladies ! Guys. Dat's meh ! ~


"I hope you guys feel good and free here comes MARCH ! So I decided to post another journal entry
cause I like it. Well, what can I say ? I had a photoshoot as L (Death Note) on the 3rd of March and..

Such a good time wow with you :iconsorenran: really funny yeah hard to stay serious with ya, derpin
around deeeh ! What the fuck? I hope I'll see you again very soon for new photos cause your pics are
AMAZING this is pure art. And...ART IS BANG ! -All right reserved : Deidara, the bitch of Akatsuki- !
Did you like the pics, guys? Cause I did !"


":iconwanderkitsun3: sent me my Claude'tailocat. I didn't have the time to make it - remember what I'm
making TODAY : James outfit, Sephiroth'wing/weapon, Zack'weapon/costume and Leon and... WELL OMG
I'M SO BUSY IT SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIEEE. That girl is a genius , the costume is a little bit
too big for meh but I'll touch up the thing -hard to make a costume for a friend when the person is not next
to ya- well I'll take care of the thing it is PURE EPICNESS ! Let's buy yellow contact lenses and finish the last
little things on the cosplay before being :iconalyhajime:'s Butler. Your Highness, let's rule the world now."

"I'm such a masochist person. I decided to join my girlfriend for a new cosplay project which will be quite
complicated...Well the word is not PUFFPUFF enough. Well, I don't know if she'll be okay to tell it on the
net so I...I will SHUT THE FUCK UP : what I say is simply useless it's good good. AND. I have a secret project
-that I'll tell to everybody for 2013-, Yuki of Versailles with a girl I really like, and who is the perfect Konan. Deh.
What else? I'm goin to Japan for summer and there'll be a japanese con. I think I'll come as Gaara... What do
you think?"



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Oya ! Minnaaaa san !


Hope everything's okay for ya people, love, work, holidays eheh ! A new journal entry cause
I wanted to post something new.

° Well my Sephiroth coat is still in progress and I complete it
everyday. I'm thinkin about my wig. I will work on it very soon cause EZOIRUEZ TOO MUCH
PRESSURE ABOUT IT ! Sounds epic but I didn't even begin it. Well, my Sephi wig is here, it looks
good I only have to touch up the thing. I've received my Claude and James wigs...Which are
I was like duuuh what the fuck, but ... I'm a wizard. (Vizard first okay), and : I've changed my
Zack Fair First Class wig for Claude. It sounds really CREEPY but not at all : it's PERFECT ! Yeah
it never happen but I'm completely satisfied bout my Claude wig... :iconalyhajime: will be my
Alois Trancy , I'm her spider butler and about the 24th march : a new scene is waiting for meh...

° I'm 100% satisfied bout myself as Claude Faustus.


° I really have to start James Outfit cause I REALLY wanna be James which is my Pokemon fav
character ever we'll be the real Team Rocket :iconkipizette: tuuuduuuu PREPARE TO WIN WIN

° :iconkipizette: is back from Brest where she had fun with my little brother. I miss her a lot,
had to add it...

Enjoy my 17 000 views special pic ! I fell in love with リボーン the best arcobaleno of the anime !
He's cute and powerfull. JUST LIKE MEH. One more time, I asked :iconstudiomadhouse: to
touch up the thing, but I'll leave her alone I promess. :) THANK YOU ALL FOR 17 000 VIEWS
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Guys and girls !

   Buddies here come the times to...Die. Cuz we're so fuckin sick. Yesterday was the day... Eheh !
First con as Kanda. A gift for my :iconkipizette: who is a lovely Lavi (I mean, THE Lovely Lavi) she's
an amazing person and I want to protect her cuz she's a little frail fox. (Yeah). Paris Manga was a
great con (LOOOOOOOL so fuckin ironic) pretty cold we were about to cum. Whatever it was so good
to see my friends. Especially :iconwanderkitsun3:, :iconsorenran:, :iconlobalemu:, :iconiiuna: and all
of you...

Good times, good pics.

But...About our backstage time. Well. :iconkipizette: turns really sick and she had to stay at home in my
warm and comfortable bed cause it's the best cure ever of course ! So Paris Manga was short but we enjoyed
our duo. Health is important. And PM is not the best place for scene. I do love Epitanime and I think we gonna
postpooooon it another day. Hell yeah its gonna be great obviously..



Cosplay - Let's have some fun with my James outfit. Gonna make it in a few days. My Sephiroth coat is still loading -duh- gonna be epic I think. In two weeks I'll have a shoot with :iconsorenran: as L -Death Note- cause I love this character and...I guess I'd be a good L -?-
Gonna play at FF XIII-II and forget the world !

Love you guys
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Oh yeah ! ~

Happy new year girls ! Hope you'll have fun and...Enjoy this year ! Things are good. A little taste of victory sounds like my projects are not dead. Step by step everything is rising again !

What's going on here?

- LAST DAY ON EARTH NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY - Sexy Cosplay - bitchy faces

:iconkipizette: :iconwanderkitsun3: :iconalyhajime: :iconmatsuki6918: :iconblack--deamon: : :iconsorenran: :iconlobalemu: :iconjio-saso: :iconbubuth: Poulpy and Persian came at home for my private party. It was nice and good to see ya guys, I've been such a bitchy Madara and I've been a bit naked but well it feels good sometimes to forget probs and enjoy good times together. I love you, all of you ! SO FIERCE ! Gonna be wicked for the end of the world maybe I'll plan something new, another cosplay-party...A Final Fantasy one? HELL YEAH !

And about cosplay?

Just like I said, James/Team Rocket is coming, slowly but he is coming...I'll think about my black wing for Sephiroth. It is a really important project to me, firstable cause Sephiroth is the best character ever -I mean, in Final Fantasy okay?- and because it's my very first BAD ASS OMG HARD COMPLICATED fantasy-cosplay. I mean. Wow. In my mind it's just so woah and HUGE that I'm afraid it will be so damn difficult to make ! Whatever, as Zack Fair said, Embrace your dreams. Let's embrace Sephiroth !
When James'll be complete and Sephiroth'll be on a good way I'll start thinkin bout my R.P.D Leon outfit.

Let's finish this with...

I love my Cloud and I sit on it. Foxy Cloud tastes like sugar. The end.
~See ya !~
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  • Playing: Crisis Core (Cause I'm worth it)
  • Eating: Coralie's cakes are HEAVEN


Oya girls ! Boys. Isn't it crazy to always wear the heaviest cosplays EVER when it's freezin?
Gosh I don't know why ...I'm not sick !? What the hell ! I think I've survived to Paris Cosplay
which was pretty small. L'Espace Champeret is a really good place. Convenient and full of
memories ! In fact when Paris Manga was a fuckin bad ass con, it took place there. Now, the
con moved for Porte de Versailles... Shitty shitty.

Whatever, I've been so happy to see ya guys especially :iconwanderkitsun3: , :iconalyhajime:, :iconjio-saso:, :iconbubuth:, :iconblack--deamon:, :iconmatsuki6918:, :iconsorenran:, :iconlobalemu:, :iconaccado:.
It was nice to be Grell and Itachi.
I've been so proud to be :iconkipizette:'s Itachi (I'm always his Itachi come what may, even with a pink wig)
I enjoyed this week end damn it now, the very next con is Paris Manga !


L's finished -I'll make the white top-, and I'll take some pics of myself as Saito Hajime (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)
thanks, :iconalyhajime: for giving me your wig, you're so fuckin cute !
Hm. We'll start to see how our stage with :iconwanderkitsun3: and :iconkipizette: gonna be AWESOME and
think about dance parts and moves for february.


What if I wanted to post a fuckin TROLOLOL pic of me as Christmas Kanda?
That sounds so damn stupid, wanna do that.

Be yourself.
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  • Drinking: Guess what...
~Girls and boys, hey ! Good to write another journal entry !~

It's been a long time eh?

My metal hand is not anymore, they took off everything and now, my right-hand is free ! My bone
can breath again YAY, I wanna see ya scream for my perfect hand which is about to rise again !
Gonna create some kind of church for the hands lovers cause gosh it's so freakin usefull and you
can't notice it until the day you cannot do anything else but look at your broken hand and say

Christmas time? Sounds good gonna hug everybody and kick bastards in the bloody snow ! Party times
are always pretty festive and good !...We'll be poor friends we all know how it is hard to NOT buy
presents for all our buddies ! Gonna be awesome holidays with :icon-kipizette: and why not a
sexy-cosplay-new-year-eve? Wanna be Madara the bitch ! -yes with leather stuffs and handcuffs why not?-
BABY TAKE ME AGAINST THE POLE DANCE ! I''ll take care of my lovely hand, come over here little hand...

I'll post another journal entry before Christmas cause PARIS COSPLAY, the very next con is almost there.
17. and 18/12

Will ya come?


SATHURDAY - Grell Sutcliff with :iconkipizette: as Elizabeth Middleford the lovely doll, :iconwanderkitsun3: as Underwear I MEAN, Undertaker RAPE IN THE AIR? CAN YOU FEEL IT, :iconalyhajime: as Ciel the fuckin earl ! Gonna be hot and fun !

SUNDAY - Itachi Uchiwa with :iconkipizette: as Deidara. My last con as Itachi was Epitanime, may 2011. It's our first time, with my girlfriend and I that we're another pairing. We won't forget Itanaru. Itanaru is LIFE. Deidara's such a wonderful bitch, gonna be great to see my love like this. She's the best chick of the universe !


"So love me to death !"
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  • Watching: Resident Evil Degeneration (I'm obsessed, I said!)
  • Eating: Raiiiinbows !
  • Drinking: Guess what...
Hey dears...

It's been a long time, eh? I feel brave to write cause I broke my right hand... Hard to live
without my best friend -so what?- and hope I'll be okay for Christmas holidays. I'm sick
and pretty weak but I still have the strenght to fuck this world, guys this gonna be wicked.


I would like to thank my friend, my lover and my angel, :iconkipizette:. For my birthday, she
gave me chills on the 11.11.11 30 Seconds to Mars live performance in Paris. It was an intense
and powerfull show despite my fuckin hand'prob (yeah just broke it before the show I'm a warrior
...or an idiot. OR BOTH.) I love my foxy girlfriend, yeah she's the hottest and the greatest. She's
my shooting star.

"No warning sign, no alibi. We faded faster than the speed of light."



I don't know that word... Fuck off ! I'll kick your ass.
What about cosplay?

My cosplay plans are affected. I can't make my Ryuk complete outfit for february (I was supposed to
make it in 3 months - a pretty heavy cosplay-) a Death Note group for PARIS MANGA is waited and I
can't let it go.
:iconblack--deamon:, :iconmatsuki6918:, :iconjio-saso:, :iconbubuth:
So, I'll be L and start Ryuk for the end of the year!...

I've finished Saito Hajime (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan) and Kanda (D Gray Man) but my broken hand
was not planned and... I can't wear them at the very next Japan Touch with :iconkawaii-cchan: we were supposed
to have two groups. A Naruto one (me as Itachi and Kawaii as Sasuke of course), and a Hakuouki one
( Kawaii as Chizuru)... just horrible but whatever : I'll see you back very soon !
Just wanna be Kanda and Saito eh ...

About James (Pokemon) and Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) my cosplay projects are not over.
And a new one is about to rise... Leon S.Kennedy ! (Resident Evil)


Let's be patient for this hand... HUGS for guys I love and SHIT for guys I hate !
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~Hey hey !~

Girls, guys.
School time ! Those long holidays are over and I must say that my life is now completely different. A few months ago
I was somewhere else, in another house, I used to go to a awful highschool to prepare my final exams and... Now I've
joined the university of my dreams in Paris, I'm in a real HOUSE (appartment life is good for sims. Real life is pretty... Well
different? Is that the perfect word?) today I'm 19 and I feel really old (I fuckin hate oldness.. One of my greatest fears eh
eheheh !)

Paris Manga TOPIC //

Our Hellsing team with :iconaccado: and :iconalyhajime: was great. We won ! Backstage time was great and ... I felt confident
bout our victory despite all those little probs that happen when you prepare somethin (Why the hell is it always like this?!) so
let's say goodbye to Integra, that I stop for ever (well, let's have some fun for your trailer, :iconaccado:, Integra'll be back for
you) it was a great character and the greatest way to say goodbye to Integra...
My Kuroshitsuji red duo with Yuna (she'll be on DA very soon) was simply amazing. I couldn't imagine a better way to share our
love for Dance and Music. Our tango scene was really strong and I felt like a dancer. Her dress was WOW and there was some
kind of connection between my friend and I. I think there gonna be a lot of vids. I'm waitin for them !
Two cosplay-stages victories... I mean, wow !
Well the duo was a great team too with :iconkipizette: and :iconwanderkitsun3:. The pink dress of Lizzy was a real success and
once again I was really confident bout her job. She was a little doll... A very beautiful and cute little doll. And, Sebastian was... Well
Sebastian, Sebastian...Why are you Sebastian? Two great cosplayers, the greatest to share our love of cosplay and all those other
stuffs that make us real friends, not just budds.

And about cosplay projects? //

I think Kanda is really close. I'm about to buy the wig to take some "teaser pics" on my FB account. Hope there's gonna be some
good ones... I really wanna be good for my lovely :iconkipizette: that will be my Lavi.
Very soon : Ryûk ! Omg that cosplay means a lot to me... I CAN'T FAIL !

See ya ! Thank you for reading !
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~Harajuku 2011~

Sathurday - Sanji ! My first 'con' as Sanji. Well I didn't make anything for my cosplay cause I don't really want to "be Sanji" right now.
I think it's gonna be a great character to play later ! Unfortunatly I don't think I'd be a good Sanji (Roleplay I think... ~) cause I really
love One Piece, yes but I do want to do my best for my other cosplays that are so much more important to me (A Grellic season I shall
say) I had great shoots with Clem -who is a great beginner photograph, really he's talented- and Kokoro !

Sunday - Grell. Well, I think I've never suffered like this for a cosplay. Eyes. Weather. Stomach. WTF? Is Grell a cursed cosplay? :wtf:
I don't really know. The first time I've worn Grell I was in a chair with my broken leg and...The second I've failed (stage). Third I had a
pretty bad eyes-accident (thanks, lenses) and...Now, rain. Yes. A CURSE ! I think the creators of Kuroshitsuji want me to die, to become
a realistic Grell and kiss death. Death is hot.

It was amazing to see you guys ~ :iconsetsukimeigetsu: :iconaccado: :iconkipizette: :iconwanderkitsun3: :iconjio-saso: :iconbubuth: :iconpearl-nacree:
:iconsana-kuja: !

~Paris Manga is coming !~

...Woaaah so true ! :excited and happy:

TIME TO RULE GUYS ! (STAGE TIMEEEEE with :iconaccado:, his girlfriend and bro, and :iconaly-hajime: :lol: - Hellsing / With my lovely Yuna as
Madame Red for my Kuro stageeee !)
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~ Oh yeaaaaaaaah ! ~

Harajuku - Paris Manga /

Harajuku ~ My fox :iconkipizette: won't be there. I think it's gonna be pretty empty without her... But, I hope to see :iconwanderkitsun3:. I don't know
what I'm about to cosplay... I'm sure about Zack Fair, but ...I'm not sure about Sanji. I really wanted to cosplay Grell and... Well it's
a pretty small "convention" (not a real one eh). I will see :Alyhajime: too. Eheh I miss all of you guys ! Girls !

Paris Manga ~ Two stages. Not stressed at all. Anywaaaay I think I gonna die somethin like two days before the con. I will come as Integra
from Hellsing, and Grell. I really want to have fun with :Alyhajime: 'bout Hellsing, :accado: will  be here too. For Grell, my girlfriend gonna be
so cute (so usual) as Elizabeth. :iconwanderkitsun3: ...Gosh the real Sebastian ! HELL YEAH, my lovely Yuna as Madame Red. I hope everything will be...
So damn perfect eh !

Cosplay time ? /

I abandoned my Clamp project for a new FF project. I'm about to make the one winged angel, eheh Sephiroth. (Giant CHICKEN WING here we go). About
Kanda, it's always good. Eh. What else ? I feel good.  Now I'm on :
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- Whoah ? 10 000 pageviews -

       I think I'm pretty... I dunno, what's the word? Amazed ! What the hell, guys 10 000 pageviews in 11 months ! I'm glad you guys like my cosplay work. For this very important step, I think I'll have to thank the world with a special pic... I already know who will be my character. And I know the pose, cause it's a fanart that I really love... I won't say more about that you will see that very soon. One clue : I'M GONNA MAKE IT HOT !

- Cosplay time? -

      Yes of course. After those funny tests as Bel and Sanji -Sanji is way more important than Bel to me. It's a great character and...Well I think I'm not bad as Sanji !-, I have to do somethin about my Kanda outfit. It's supposed to be my last costume for this year. Gonna be hard I think. I'm not very good at sewing stuffs. May the forth be with me...

- And Ryûk?...-

      I'll start it in 2 weeks. 6 months. To become the greatest Ryûk of the universe. Gosh I CAN FEEL THE PRESSURE

- What else do you wanna say? -

     I'm in love. It's great. But , sometimes that hurts. OH ! And, I'm hesitating cause of my CLAMP - Sakura Card Captor project... I need you to tell me... Yue :… or ... Clow :…? Clow would suit me well better than Yue, I think. But the huge wings dream may come true and OMGGGG  I really want to taste it...Buuuut..Clow is my favorite character and... Eh dunno I have his weasel face. :lost: :lost:


Peace !
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~ What's up people? ~

Eeeeheeeh /

Holidays - What does it mean exatcly? Fun? Sex? Love? Food? Nyan cat game ? Yes. It does. Well I'm in the southern France with my extraordinary mom and the fox. It cannot be any different : IT IS PERFECT ! I'm havin the time of my life :good riddance by Green Day: AMAAAAZING

Okay we don't care about your life, just tell us somethin about COSPLAY okay? /

Calm down honey. Surprise for me : I have to cancel my Orochimaru and Sanji cosplays for Paris Manga - October 2011. The stage is waiting for me for a Hellsing and Kuroshitsuji scene. Integra and Grell are waiting for me. Hm. I have that strange feeling that Grell is coming back for a very long time ... (until february - 2012 I think) this is my first scene as Integra, and I hope I'll be good. Well. The most important thing for me is to have fun. But, my Kuro scene is in my head since...November? Oh gosh ! Sanji will be here for pics and photoshoots before november/october. This cosplay is pretty special to me cause I wanna be Sanji for THREE years. That's why I hope I'll be rare as Sanji. I'm always plannin cosplays for a very long time and...That are finally done by some other cosplayers --'.
I'm fed up. Now I'm done with it. Sanji is coming to me. Orochimaru can wait. August will be Kanda'month. I'll work on it... And, about Ryûk? Hehe, I can hear it, IT APPROACHES very fast !

Is that the end of the journal? /


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~ Da da dum da duuu dum ~

Now all my final exams are over. I had awesome marks (yay do the dance do the dance) and now holidays
are mine. Japan Expo is finished. And I should say I've been very surprised. The con was PERFECT. And this
is why it was that surprising. That was just AWESOME. AMAAAZING.

30th JUNE ~ Gaara from Naruto / Tuxedo/ Child : My first con as Gaara was very important to me. I had to
feel good as Gaara cause I've never loved characters that I didn't like to 'be' as a cosplayer. I mean, some of
my favourite cosplays were not that good (Ichimaru Gin -) cause I didn't really feel good as Gin. Gaara is one
of the characters I love the most in Naruto. I may say it was a real great pleasure to share the game with my
love as Naruto, Temari Lauriane and Galou as Kankuro. Our team was not complete, so I decided to do another
thing. In fact I made another outfit very fast- hm, Gaara as child (pics are in my gallery) and that was very funny
yay that was great...

1ST JULY ~ Hirako Shinji / Bankai Version : Usually Hirako Shinji is my favourite cosplay. And it didn't change.
Oh my... That was perfect ! My sword was good, and everything was okay. My Hiyori was very impressive (her
shikai was hm, HUGE) and we had a lot of fun. (which is normal as vizards l-o-l.)

2ND JULY ~ Zack Fair / Crisis Core Version : I was afraid. That cosplay was a real mission for me I didn't have the
choice to be good. I'm proud about this cosplay, that was a real success -uncle ben- and my love was so cute as
Cloud and, Coralie was so damn beautiful as Genesis. We were a great team and it was a great part of my life (
time to cry my friends, I'm serious!)

3RD JULY ~ Grell Sutcliff / Kuroshitsuji : ...Suffering makes me pure ! OMG that was terrible for my two beautiful
eyes, my contact lenses were horrible with me that day and my eyes hurt me a lot. But ! Glory was mine too. I
didn't except this cause there are a lot of Grells in cons. But, it seems like mine is different, maybe because Grell
is one of my heart-attack-cosplays. I wanted to stop Grell. But, I think I won't. Grell and I are together until my
dying day ! (MOULIN ROUGE please)

About the con : I said it was a great con, so? Oh guys all of you are great. That was TOO SHORT.

About cosplay : My girlfriend was supposed to go in the southern France with me. But well, things were not
that easy and now I have to leave with my mother (which is not a punishment mooom mom yay :dance:) and
now I have a complete month to work everything. I'll post pon Orochimaru. I'll do a lot for Sanji and Kanda. What
may I say more? Hm. Fuck. Yay !
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